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Landscapring Design and Construction Expert in Sydney


Motion Maintenance is a family operated business based in Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Twin directors Dylan and Jethro have always had a love for nature and the outdoors and are passionate about sustainable landscaping to create a beautiful, low maintenance garden that does not require the use of chemical fertilisers, pest control or weed control.


The strength of the Motion Maintenance team stems from our commitment to consistently deliver outstanding property maintenance services to our loyal regular clients as well as our new customers.

Each day the team strives to deliver the best service possible, and we aim to keep it that way.

With a passion for aesthetic and functional outdoor living spaces and a desire to create, our directors have developed Motion Maintenance as a reputable and professional company. Over the last 2 years the business has grown to a 5+ strong team of landscapers, landscape architects, fencers, gardeners and administrative staff all dedicated to ensuring the quality of work and value put into each project.

Garden and outdoor spaces maintenance services in Sydney
Organic materials for landscaping


Director Jethro focused on permaculture and landscaping in school, and although he does recognise it is not possible to implement these ideas everywhere, he is committed to the ideals of his background.

MMPS desires to create an environment where organic matter and materials can flourish without the aid of chemicals, our team is highly knowledgeable regarding native plants and using non-invasive plants to create a low maintenance garden that does not require the use of chemical fertilisers, pest control or weed control.  We also recycle organic materials such as mulch and soil whenever possible, as well as utilising recycled wood and products to create outdoor spaces. 

Professional backyard deck, paving and landscaping services in Sydney


The transformative effects of sustainable landscaping for Sydney’s Northern Beaches are immense. As a company, we practice recycling and reusing where possible, including the use of various sustainable materials such as:

  • Mulch

  • Sandstone

  • Timber sleepers

  • Plants 

  • Artificial turf

Sydney Sustainable Landscaping Service
Outdoor spaces landscaping services in Sydney


Sustainable materials go hand in hand with sustainable practices:

  • Water use reduction; reuse waste water or grey water for use in irrigation of gardens and lawns

  • Waste reduction, by separating and recycling materials such as vegetation and hard waste

  • Repurpose brick and concrete for substrate under concrete slabs or around drains behind retaining walls

  • Reuse plants by transplanting

  • Recycle wood materials by chipping into mulch

  • Reuse railway sleepers for retaining walls and garden edging

  • Repurpose sandstone and other natural bush rock for retaining walls and feature walls


Each ecosystem is intricate and specific; our training and experience helps us to suggest and plant plants that are non-invasive and low maintenance. 

This reduces water use and time spent in the garden, and compliments our beautiful temperate Sydney environment. MMPS also offers companion planting to incorporate herbs and veggies into your garden, or to create shade tolerant designs for tropical gardens. Give us a call to find out more!

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